How to use Instagram for Business

Instagram is important for business because it helps you to reach like individuals, & interested parties, Increase brand awareness, Increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Users are actively looking for your content! It’s just a matter of connecting and engaging with them.

Below are a couple steps you can use to take your profile to the next level.

  1. Set up your profile! Make sure you create a detailed bio and upload a profile picture.
  2. Follow and like pictures of like accounts. As many as possible!
  3. Hashtag every photo with up to 30 hashtags. Hashtags allow Instagrammers to discover content and accounts to follow, so using them is a good way to connect with new followers and increase engagement on your posts.
  4. Use trending hashtags.
  5. Instagram has turned civilians into photographers. Use your highest quality photos as often as possible and don’t be afraid to use filters.
  6.  Keep your visual language consistent. Do you have an established color palette? A cool or warm tone in pictures? Your Instagram content and the editing effects and filters you choose should reflect the same.
  7. Add videos, boomerang clips, gif share and timelapse to keep things interesting. 
  8. Add a geo-tag to your photos. Posts with a location receive 79% higher engagement than posts without.

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